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Quality Water on Tap



<15,000 Gallons
$7.52/Thousand Gallons
>15,000 Gallons
$5.41/Thousand Gallons


<2,000 Gallons
$19.63 (minimum)
Next 13,000 gallons
$6.40/thousand gallons
Over 15,000 gallons
$5.76/thousand gallons


A deposit and service charge may be required before service is supplied. Your deposit will earn interest, which will be credited to your bill on an annual basis at a rate of no more than 6% annually. Upon termination of service, your deposit and any interest earned and any amount owed will be credited to your final bill with any remainder refunded to you.
Service Charge

Customer Meter Charges

Each account is billed a monthly meter charge which varies with the size of the meter. This covers the cost of the meter, testing, maintenance, reading, bill calculation, printing, mailing, postage and all other costs related to customer service, billing, and collection
5/8" connection
3/4" connection
1" connection
1.5" connection
2" connection
3" connection
4" connection
6" connection


You will receive only one bill monthly for all water and sewer services. Charges are listed separately, due on or before the date shown on the bill.  NOTE: HCWD No. 1 will not be responsible for late mail delivery or lost mail. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from your monthly payment or shut off charges.

*HCWD No. 1 can not be responsible for late mail delivery or lost mail. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from monthly payment or shut off charges.

Discontinued Service

It is your responsibility to notify HCWD No. 1 if you wish  to discontinue service. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice and a forwarding address given in person, by phone or by written order. Failure to give this notice will not relieve you of your responsibility for any water used. 

Service may also be disconnected by HCWD No. 1 for the violation of any rule, regulation or condition of service. 

  • Non-Payment of Bills 
  • Returned checks
  • Connection or cross connection of any separated water supply receiving water from HCWD No. 1
  • Tampering with meter, meter seal, or valves
  • Waste or misuse of water due to improper servicing of pipes and/or failure to keep them in working order. 
  • Reselling or giving away water
  • Failure to report to the district additions of fixtures to the account 
  • Failure to pay deposit or service charge

Reconnect Charge

If your service has been disconnected by HCWD No.1 for any reason stated above, a reconnect fee of $37 will be required to renew your service. 

Please download and complete the new service application and email it to customerservice@hcwd.com or drop it off in person at the office at 1400 Rogersville Road, Radcliff, KY 40160. 

Hardin County Water District No. 1
1400 Rogersville Road
Radcliff, KY 40160

Business Office Hours
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM: Mon-Tues & Thurs-Fri
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM: Wednesday

Phone: (270) 351-3222
Emergency: (270) 351-3222

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