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Boil Water Advisory Has Been Lifted

The Boil Water Advisory previously issued for the Shelton Rd. area of Radcliff has been lifted.

A Fire Hydrant has been hit…


UPDATE:  The new hydrant is in and water is restored!


UPDATE:  Expert HCWD1 Crews are working to repair a damaged fire hydrant while an LG&E representative observes. This repair is further complicated by two nearby high pressure gas mains.

The damaged fire hydrant that crews are working to replace

Crews work to repair the hydrant while an LG&E representative observes.

The new hydrant awaits installation


Alert! Another Utility has damaged a fire hydrant on Shelton Rd in Radcliff. The homes pictured INSIDE THE RED LINES in the below map are expected to be without water for 4-6 hours while HCWD1 crews make repairs. When that service is restored, these homes WILL be under a Boil Water Advisory. A robo-call is being circulated as well. We will update as we receive information. Thank you for your patience!


What We Learned This Week…

Early this week, HCWD1 experienced a rather large main break. Our staff worked to repair the main until 4:30 AM, and we issued a robo-call for our affected customers. Unfortunately, our system had never made a call to this many residents at once, and we experienced many delayed or failed calls. While we did publish the boil water advisory on facebook and with the local media, we regret that each customer didn’t receive their call in a timely manner. HCWD1 is now researching a new system and will make every effort to keep you better informed. We encourage all customers to verify that they have the correct phone number on file so that they can receive these calls in the future. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Boil Water Advisory Has Been Lifted

Please be advised that a boil water advisory which was previously issued for the Radcliff Area has been lifted.  You may resume normal use of your water at this time.  We appreciate your patience concerning this matter.

True Facts about Water Conservation

Recently our website was reviewed by a summer tutoring group and it proved to be excellent info for a young student’s water project!  Her name is Emily and she sent a letter through her teacher to let us know how informative she found the “links” section of HCWD1’s website .  We are proud to share the link she sent us to add to the most important discussion on water conservation.  Please take some time to review the content provided in the hyperlink below and feel free to share it with others who are passionate about the environment – Thank You Emily from the Staff and personnel at the Hardin County Water District No.1 🙂